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Aaminah Khan – Activist and writer, Australia
Angela Mitropoulos – University of Sydney, Australia
Caitlin B – Student and musician, Melbourne, Australia
Cai Wilkinson – School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Deakin University, Victoria, Australia
Jaydeyn Thomas – PhD Candidate, Australia
Karen Pickering – Feminist presenter, writer & educator, Melbourne, Australia
Kirstie Innes-Will – Editor, Melbourne, Australia
Kirstyn McDermott – Author, Australia
Rachael Briggs – Australian National University and Griffith University; poet, Australia
Viv Smythe aka tigtog – Writer and blogger, Sydney, Australia

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Ana Cardoso – Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Bruni – Activist and social sciences student, Brazil
Claire House – International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, Brazil
Daniela Andrade – Transfeminist activist and blogger, / São Paulo, Brazil
Hailey K. Alves – Blogger and transfeminist activist, Brazil
Harumi – Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil
Isabel Pitta Klein – Student, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Jaqueline Gomes de Jesus – Activist and blogger, Brazil
Jaqueline Gomes de Jesus – University of Brasilia, Brazil
Juno – Transfeminist militant, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Kohutek – Transfeminist and cyber-activist, Brazil
Leda Ferreira do Amaral – Blogger and transfeminist activist, Brazil
Lee G. – Educator, Author, Blogger, Queer, Brazil
Leiliane Assunção – Federal University of the Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Letícia Lanz – Writer and psychoanalyst, Brazil
Liliane Anderson Reis Caldeira – Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Luma Andrade – Federal University of Ceará, Brazil
Marina Riedel – Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Max Meliani – Design student, Brazil
Oliver Chalom – Dreamer, queer, Brazil
Thiago Gomes – Artist and illustrator, Brazil
Ve Máximo – Writer and transfeminist activist, Brazil
Viviane V. – Federal University of Bahia, Brazil

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Allison Armstrong – Blogger, writer, poet – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Amanda W. Peet – University of Toronto, Canada
Amber Dean – McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Ami Angelwings – Blogger and social worker, Canada
Amy Cote – University of Alberta, Canada
Aoife Emily Hart – University of British Columbia, Canada
Astrid Idlewild – Editor, urban historian, Canada
CaitieCat – Feminist blogger and activist, Canada
Danielle Légaré – Director, H.R. (Ret’d) Canadian Federal Government Department, Canada
Diana Brydon – University of Manitoba, Canada
Elise Kis – Social Work Student – University of Regina, Canada
Emma Woolley – Writer and community manager, Toronto, ON, Canada
Jarrah Hodge – Blogger and activist – Vancouver, Canada
Julia Kilgour – Graduate student, University of Guelph, Canada
Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha – Writer, performer, director, editor, blogger, Canada
Mary Lynne Biener IBCLC – Clinician and Faculty at the International Breastfeeding Centre/Newman Breastfeeding Clinic, Toronto, Canada
Mercedes Allen – Activist and blogger, Canada
Neville Park – Wonk-blogger, Canada
Olivia Lucca Fraser – Grad student at the University of Guelph and researcher with the Jan van Eyck Association, Canada
Dr. Rachel McKinnon – Professor of Philosophy, Canada
Raelene Foisy – Feminist medical student, Canada
Sarah Brophy – McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
T.L. Cowan – Eugene Lang College & School of Media Studies, The New School/artist, Canada
Tess Juan-Gaillot – Editor-in-chief of Yiara Magazine, a feminist art and art history student magazine, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
Ursula Pflug – Novelist, short story writer, playwright and book reviewer and creative writing instructor, Canada

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Kristina Viggers – Atudent, transfeminist, and artist, Denmark

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Martha Hubbard – Teacher & writer, Saaremaa, Estonia

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Saara Särmä – University of Tampere, Finland

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Anaïs Delcroix – Lesbian, activist, feminist;, France
Ariane Sirota – Artist and activist, France
Cassandra Cochin aka Koala – Transfeminist, blogger, France
Delphe D. – Blogger and student, France
Enid Buscemi – Cis-femme-feminist ally against transmisogyny, France
Erzebet Yellowboy – Writer and artist, France
Laura Hidalgo – Student and blogger,, France
Morgane Merteuil – Sexworker and sexworker’s rights activist, France

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Chris*tin Richter – Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Zentrum für transdisziplinäre Geschlechterstudien, Germany
GwenDragon – Lesbian, programmer, blogger, Germany
Helga Hansen – Writer and blogger, Germany
Martina Riehm – Trans, feminist and queer activist, Halle, Germany
Paulita Pappel – Feminist performer, Germany
Resa-Philip Lunau – Student and activist, Berlin, Germany

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Elizabeth Kelley Bowman – University of Guahan, Guam

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Sherlina Nageer – Co-founder of GYSistafriends- a trans-inclusive LBT Support Network, Guyana
Zenita Nicholson – Secretary on the Board of Trustees, Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination, Guyana

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Nikolett Kardos – Blogger and activist, Hungary
Yana Ziferblat – Director, Home-International Center for Rehabilitation and Training of Activists, Budapest, Hungary

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Hildur Lilliendahl Viggósdóttir – Blogger, feminist and activist, Reykjavík, Iceland

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A. Mani – Researcher, University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India
Aishwarya Subramanian – Blogger, India

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Anne Mulhall – University College, Dublin, Ireland
Aoife FitzGibbon O’Riordan – Blogger & feminist;, Ireland
Izzy Kamikaze – Queer activist, Ireland
Marianne Cassidy – Feminist blogger, Ireland
Matthew Corbally – Activist and student at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Sarah Malone – Spokesperson for the Abortion Rights Campaign, Dublin, Ireland
Sarah Rees Brennan – Novelist, Ireland

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Haran Yakir – Feminist student, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Tsipi Erann – Blogger, Israel

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Kathrine M. Callahan – Teacher and feminist blogger, Tokyo, Japan

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Barbra Wangare – S.H.E and Transitioning Africa, Kenya
Kenne Mwikya – Writer and activist, Nairobi, Kenya

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Anastasova Viktorija – (LGBT Activist) Subversive Front, Macedonia

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Glenda Larke – Novelist, Malaysia

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Marshall Islands

Elizabeth Kate Switaj – Writer, scholar, and teacher, College of the Marshall Islands, Marshall Islands

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Alexandra Byerly De Ruiz – Activist and Consultant in Sexuality and Gender, Mexico City, Mexico
Gloria Careaga – UNAM/National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico

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Eliza Steinbock – TranScreen Amsterdam Film Festival/Maastricht Universiteit, Netherlands
Emma England – University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Flavia Dzodan – Writer and media maker, Netherlands
Pum Kommattam – University of Amsterdam, activist, Netherlands
Rochita Loenen-Ruiz – Writer and columnist, Netherlands
Thijs Witty – University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Willemijn da Campo – LGBT activist, autonomous artist, part of transcreen, transgender film festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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New Zealand

Angela Wells – Artist and activist, New Zealand
Gaayathri – Feminist blogger and activist, New Zealand
Julia Campbell – Film and theatre maker and activist, Aotearoa, New Zealand
Kay Jones – Activist, New Zealand
Megan Bowra-Dean – Blogger and writer, New Zealand
Sally Dellow – Scientist and activist, New Zealand
Tamsin Bertaud-Gandar – Blogger, New Zealand

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Janneke van der Ros – Scholar in pol.sci, gender studies and trans studier, and feminist, Norway
Sarah Hoem Iversen – Bergen University College, Norway
Veronica Berglyd Olsen – PhD Candidate University of Oslo, blogger, feminist, humanist, Norway

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Naomi Fontanos – Activist, Philippines

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Corinne McAlary – Teacher, Portugal

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Yana Sitnikova – Transfeminist, Moscow, Russia

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Natalie Tai – Activist and co-founder of Gender Collective, student group based at National University of Singapore, Singapore

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South Africa

Alexandra Muller – University of Cape Town, South Africa

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Anna Karlsson – Teacher of art, animation & film, comics, Sweden
Erin Winslow – Textile artist, activist politician [Vänsterpartiet aka the Swedish Left Party], Sweden
George Berger – Retired academic, Uppsala University, Sweden
Karin Tidbeck – Writer and creative writing teacher, Sweden
Laetitia Schteinberg – Experimental musician, LGBT activist, Sweden
Lo Hillarp – Student, Lunds Universitet, Sweden
Minas Al-Baghdadi – Uppsala University, Sweden
Nene Ormes – Writer, Sweden
Dr. Ulrica Engdahl – University of Linkoping, Sweden
Wibke Straube – Researcher; Gender Studies, Linköping University, Sweden

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Dominique Grisard – CUNY Graduate Center/Columbia University/University of Basel, Switzerland

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Balam Kenter – Intersectional feminist, polyqueer, pro-sex, pro-sex worker, pro-porn pervert, antimilitarist, anarchist, vegan, Turkey

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Aleksandra Nazarova – Human rights activist, Kyiv, Ukraine
Ganna Grytsenko – Feminist, activist and sociologist, Kyiv,, Ukraine

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United Kingdom

Adunni Adams – Member, Black Feminists Birmingham and Black Feminists, United Kingdom
Aisling Gallagher – NUS-USI Women’s Officer, NUS Women’s Committee, United Kingdom
Alex Dymock – Ph.D. student, University of Reading, United Kingdom
Alisa Rosenthal – Gustavus Adolphus College, United Kingdom
Alison Stevenson – Queer and trans* liberation activist, United Kingdom
Amberine Khan – NUS Women’s Campaign Committee 2013/2014, Bisexual+ Rep, United Kingdom
Amelia Horgan – Women’s Officer at King’s College, Cambridge; Member of the executive team, Cambridge University Student Union’s Women’s Campaign, United Kingdom
Andrea Brady – Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom
Andrew Hickey – Author, blogger, United Kingdom
Ariel Silvera – Writer, performer, activist, United Kingdom
Avedon Carol – Activist and writer; Feminists Against Censorship, United Kingdom
Dr. B.J. Epstein – Lecturer in literature and public engagement at the University of East Anglia, United Kingdom
Barbara Simerka – Queens College – CUNY, United Kingdom
Bea Groves – President of the Institute for Learning, United Kingdom
Catherine Baker – University of Hull, United Kingdom
Catherine Butler – Author and academic, University of the West of England, Bristol, United Kingdom
Cel West – Activist and writer, United Kingdom
Charley Hasted – Activist and Lambeth College Students’ Union, Personal Capacity, United Kingdom
Chaz Brenchley – Writer, United Kingdom
Cheryl Morgan – Publisher and blogger, United Kingdom
Christine Burns – Equalities consultant, blogger and campaigner, United Kingdom
Chryssy Hunter – London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom
David Langford – Author, editor, publisher, United Kingdom
Elizabeth Dearnley – University College London, United Kingdom
Elizabeth Veldon – Gender varient person, musician and activist, United Kingdom
Ellen Kirkpatrick – PhD Candidate, United Kingdom
Ellie Hutchinson – Activist and campaigner working at a national violence against women charity, Scotland, United Kingdom
Elliot Evans – King’s College London, United Kingdom
Emily Dubberley – Sex writer and founder of, United Kingdom
Emma Frankel-Thorin – Blogger and activist, United Kingdom
Farah Mendlesohn – Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom
Faridah Newman – Political advisor, United Kingdom
Harri Weeks – Queer, Trans, Feminist activist and community organiser, United Kingdom
Helen Tunbridge – Nobody special, just believe in equality for all, United Kingdom
Iansales – Writer, reviewer, and curator of SF Mistressworks website, United Kingdom
Jack Wolf – Author, United Kingdom
James Morton – Activist, Scotland, United Kingdom
Jane Carnall – Blogger [EdinburghEye] and activist), United Kingdom
Dr. Jane Clark – Engineer, Physicist & Astronomy Writer, United Kingdom
Jane Fae – Writer and activist, United Kingdom
Jemma Tosh – University of Chester, United Kingdom
Jen Tidman – Research psychologist, United Kingdom
Jess Haigh – Librarian, blogger and activist, Leeds;, United Kingdom
Jo Clifford – Writer, performer, and teacher, United Kingdom
Jonathan Tait – Blogger; Nottingham, United Kingdom
Josie Moore – Student, MA (Hons) Philosophy, University of Dundee, United Kingdom
Jo T – Pro-choice activist, London, United Kingdom
Jo Walton – Novelist, United Kingdom
Jude Roberts – Birkbeck College, University of London, United Kingdom
Judith Wanga – Writer & Human Rights Campaigner, United Kingdom
Dr. Julie Gosling – Making Waves, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Juliet E McKenna – Epic fantasy author, reviewer, blogger, United Kingdom
Juliet Jacques – Writer, United Kingdom
Karen E. McCallum – MPhil/PhD Candidate School of Advanced Study, University of London, United Kingdom
Kari Sperring aka K L Maund – Writer and historian, United Kingdom
Kat Orphanides – Genderqueer journalist, United Kingdom
Kelly Parry – Student president, Edinburgh College, United Kingdom
Keridwen Luis – Harvard University, United Kingdom
Klepsie – Musician, United Kingdom
Kristie Waller – Women’s Officer, Ruskin College, Oxford, United Kingdom
Laurie Penny – Journalist and activist, United Kingdom
Leo Amx Waters – Organizer – Queer Resistance, Founder & Chair – Cahoots Collective Housing Co-operative, United Kingdom
Lesley Blower – Feminist, United Kingdom
Linda Bellos, OBE – Equality Law specialist, Chair of Institute of Equality and Diversity Practitioners, United Kingdom
Lisa Jeschke – University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Liz Chapman – Librarian and researcher, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
Lyndsey Moon – University of Roehampton and University of Warwick, United Kingdom
Lynne Segal – Birkbeck, University of London, United Kingdom
Melissa Beattie – Ph.D candidate, Aberystwyth University, Wales, United Kingdom
Mijke van der Drift – Activist; Goldsmiths College, London; programmer, TranScreen, the Amsterdam Transgender Filmfestival, United Kingdom
Mike Conley – Software Engineer, Oxford, United Kingdom
Naomi Beecroft – Edinburgh University Students’ Association, United Kingdom
Natacha Kennedy – Goldsmiths College, University of London, United Kingdom
Nat Raha – Poet and activist, United Kingdom
Netta Chachamu – Cardiff University School of Social Sciences, United Kingdom
Niall Harrison – Editor-in-Chief, Strange Horizons, United Kingdom
Nic Clarke – Newcastle University, book-blogger, United Kingdom
Nick Beard – University of Sussex, United Kingdom
Nina Power – University of Roehampton, United Kingdom
Nine – Writer and activist, United Kingdom
Pat Cadigan – Writer, United Kingdom
Pat Macleod – SOAS, University of London, United Kingdom
Petra Davis – Writer and activist, United Kingdom
Rachel Hubbard – Equality promoter, Committee Member, Secretary, Administrator, Equality Cumbria, United Kingdom
Rebecca Barton – Executive officer for LGBT at Ruskin Student Union, Ruskin College, Oxford, United Kingdom
Reni Eddo-Lodge – Writer and activist, United Kingdom
Rianna Parker – Student, London, United Kingdom
Ricky Leach – Artist, London, United Kingdom
Rory MacKinnon – Reporter, Morning Star and Member of the National Union of Journalists, United Kingdom
Roz Kaveney – Author and critic, United Kingdom
Ruth Pearce – University of Warwick, United Kingdom
Dr. Sally Hines – University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Sally Outen – Performer and activist, United Kingdom
Sam Feeney – Activist, counsellor, trainer, United Kingdom
Sara Ahmed – Goldsmiths College, United Kingdom
Sarah Brown – LGBT+ Liberal Democrats, United Kingdom
Sarah Gibson – Cambridge uni SU LGBT+ trans* rep, activist, blogger, United Kingdom
Sarah Noble – Leeds University Union Feminist Society co-ordinator, blogger, transfeminist activist, United Kingdom
Sarah Pine – Vice President (Women) Oxford University Student Union, United Kingdom
Sasha Garwood – University College, London, United Kingdom
Sophia McDougall – Novelist, United Kingdom
Stefanie C. Boulila – University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Surya Monro – University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom
Tara Coffin – Charity worker and activist, United Kingdom
Tracey Yeadon-Lee – Academic, university of Huddersfield, United Kingdom
Tricia Sullivan – Novelist, United Kingdom
Will Brooker – Kingston University, United Kingdom
Zoe Stavri – Writer and activist, United Kingdom

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A. Mendosa – Activist, blogger, USA
Abigail Wolford – Boise State University-College of Western Idaho, USA
Alex Hanna – University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Alex Langshall – Salt Lake Community College, USA
Alison Howell – Rutgers University, Newark, USA
Alison Kilkenny – Journalist and activist, USA
Alyson Cole – Queens College – CUNY, USA
Amanda Peterson – Teacher, activist, USA
Amanda Phillips – University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Amanda Schaefer – University student, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa; blogger, USA
Amy Howton – University of Cincinnati, USA
Ana Mardoll – Blogger, Ana Mardoll’s Ramblings, USA
Ananya Mukherjea – City University of New York, USA
Anne Eaton – University of Illinois – Chicago, USA
Anne Ogborn – Frightening sex change, USA
Ann Snitow – The Network of East-West Women, USA
April Lidinsky – Indiana University South Bend, USA
April Schanoes, LCSW-R – West Side Foundation for Supportive Senior Housing, USA
Ariella R. Rotramel – Connecticut College, USA
Autumn Sandeen – Trans activist, columnist, and blogger, USA
Barry Deutsch – Cartoonist and blogger, USA
Bill Ivey – Gender activist, middle school teacher, USA
Cael Keegan – Hobart and William Smith Colleges, USA
Canéla A. Jaramillo, Ph.D. – Writer and editor, USA
Carina Mathias Saxon – Indiana University, USA
Carla A. Pfeffer, Ph.D – Purdue University North Central, USA
Carrie D. Shanafelt – Grinnell College, USA
Cassy G. – Human resources, Missouri, USA
Catherine Lundoff – Writer and editor, USA
Catherynne M. Valente – Author, USA
Christine Slaughter – Ph.D, student, Sociology, Yale University, USA
Claire Bond Potter – The New School for Public Engagement, USA
Clarity Haynes – Artist, educator and activist, USA
Colette Hyman – Winona State University, Winona, MN, USA
Creatrix Tiara / Tiara Shafiq – Artist & activist, USA, USA
Crissa Cummings – SuBAMUH Womyn’s Land Trust Resident [Susan B. Anthony Womyn’s Land Trust, Athens, Ohio], USA
Cristy S. Cardinal – Feminist blogger and DV/SA Prevention Educator, Michigan, USA
Danah Boyd – Microsoft research and New York University, USA
Dana Lane Taylor – University of Pennsylvania, blogger, activist, USA
Dana McCallum – Technologist and activist, USA
Daniel Holzman-Tweed – Blogger, USA
Danielle Koss – Trans* and queer feminist activist/ advocate in Northern California, USA
Daralyn Maxwell – Trans-advocate and producer, LGBT/trans-centric news program, Portland, Maine [WMPG-fm, 90.9 & 104.1, and, USA
Darrah Cloud – Playwright and screenwriter; Goddard College, USA
Debbie Notkin – Blogger, USA
Deborah Gussman – Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, USA
Deesha Narichania – Activist, USA
Derrais Carter – Portland State University, USA
Donald M. Scott – Queens College – CUNY, USA
Donna M. Levinsohn – Attorney and activist, New York City, USA
Elise Matthesen – Writer, artist, activist, USA
Elizabeth Currans – Eastern Michigan University, USA
Elizabeth Lane – Bigendered antiracist feminist – Louisiana, USA
Elizabeth Levitt – President LITMA, The Long Island Traditional Music Association; we are a GLBT welcoming organization, USA
Elizabeth Surton – Full-Spectrum Midwife, USA
Ellen Datlow – Editor, USA
Emilia Lombardi – Baldwin Wallace University, Berea, Ohio, USA
Emily Vrotsos – University of Central Florida (U.C.F.), Orlando, USA
Eric Bagai – Blogger, USA
Erika Lin – George Mason University, USA
Eve Pamela Grice – Doctoral student, University of Maryland, USA
Favor Ellis – Dean of Community, Sterling College, USA
Finn Enke – University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA
Frann Michel – Willamette University, USA
Gabi Clayton – Activist and co-founder of Families United Against Hate; Olympia, WA, USA
Gabi Clayton, – Activist and co-founder of Families United Against Hate; Olympia, WA, USA
Galla Libertad – Activist, USA
Geena Patterson – Visiting Assistant Professor of English and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Miami University Hamilton, Ohio, USA
Genevieve Valentine – Writer, USA
Grace Annam – Police officer and blogger, USA
Grace Mateo – Artist, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Gwendolyn Ann Smith – Columnist and Transgender Day of Remembrance founder, USA
Heather Love – University of Pennsylvania, USA
Heidi Heilig – Writer, USA
Helen Boyd – Author and activist, USA
Helen Pilinovsky – Barnard College, USA
Hugh English – Queens College – CUNY, USA
Ian S Carr – Father, student. University of Illinois – Springfield, USA
Jamie “Skye” Bianco – New York University, USA
Jan Clausen – Writer, MFAW faculty, Goddard College, USA
Janet D. Stemwedel – San José State University, USA
Jean Stuntz J.D., Ph.D. – Head of History Dept., West Texas A&M University, Canyon, Texas; President-Elect H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online, USA
Jeff VanderMeer – Novelist, USA
Jen Jack Gieseking – Bowdoin College, USA
Jen Manion – Connecticut College, USA
Jennifer Finney Boylan – Professor, Colby College; writer, USA
Jennifer Marie Marcus,Esq. – Member of the ACLU & Lambda Legal, human, civil rights and social justice political activist, USA
Jennifer Natalya Fink – Georgetown University, USA
Jessica Lawless – Adjunct Professor, Santa Fe Community College, NM, USA
Jessica Valenti – Author and columnist, USA
Jessica W. Luther – Writer and activist, USA
Jessie Lowell – Activist, science graduate student, Brandeis University, USA
Jill Filipovic – Writer and blogger, USA
Jill Gaulding – Gender Justice, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Jim C. Hines – Writer and blogger, USA
Joelle Ruby Ryan – University of New Hampshire, USA
John McMahon – Hunter College and The Graduate Center, CUNY, USA
Joy Fuqua – Dept. of Media Studies, Queens College, USA
Dr. Judy Rohrer – Western Kentucky University, USA
Julia Serano – Author and activist, USA
Julie A. Hofmann – Shenandoah University, USA
K. Tempest Bradford aka The Angry Black Woman – Science fiction and fantasy writer, and social justice activist, USA
Kameron Hurley – Novelist and blogger, USA
Karolina “Jadehawk” Lewis – Feminist blogger, USA
Karyn Pilgrim – SUNY/Empire State College, USA
Kate Bornstein – Writer and activist, USA
Kate Elliott – Novelist, USA
Katharine Beutner – Writer, University of Hawai`i at Manoa, USA
Katharine Weber – Novelist; Kenyon College, USA
Katherine Berger – Augsburg College, USA
Katherine Cross – CUNY Graduate Center, Writer/Activist, USA
Katherine Hawkland – CUNY Graduate Center and Queens College, CUNY, USA
Kathleen Nicole O’Neal – Blogger; San Francisco State University, USA
Katie Lara – Graduate student, law and social work, Rutgers University; blogger,, USA
Kelli Sanders – Feminist and activist, Texas, USA
Kelly Jennings – Writer and professor, University of Arkansas-Fort Smith, USA
Kelly Martin Broderick – Activist – Blogger – University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA
Kerry John Poynter – University of Illinois Springfield, USA
Kevan Pansy Gardner – Student and activist, Central Washington University, Ellensburg, USA
Kim Rippere – Blogger,, USA
Kitty Stryker – Writer, activist, queer porn performer, and also on behalf of Consent Culture, USA
Kristin E. Pitt – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
L. Timmel Duchamp – Publisher, Aqueduct Press, USA
La Bibliotequetress – Writer, para-archivist/librarian, USA
Laurelai Bailey – Blogger, USA
Leah Houtman – Oregon State University, USA
Leigh Ann Craig – Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Leila Walker – Graduate Center, CUNY, USA
Lindsay Beyerstein – Journalist, USA
Lisa Day – Associate professor, Eastern Kentucky University, USA
Lisa Karakaya – Queens College and the Graduate Center, CUNY, USA
Lizzie McCormick – Suffolk County Community College, USA
Loba Azul – Writer, activist, wolf advocate, Olympia, WA, USA
Rev. Lura Groen – Pastor, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, USA
Lynare Robbins – Filmmaker & writer, Miami, Florida, USA
Maria Dahvana Headley – Novelist, memoirist & feminist; that particular -ist is the one that informs the rest., USA
Marie Brennan – Writer, USA
Marilee Lindemann – University of Maryland, USA
Mark Rifkin – University of North Carolina – Greensboro, USA
Martha Wells – Writer, USA
Mary Ann Barclay – Justice Associate & Youth Director at a United Methodist Church, activist, USA
Mary Anne Mohanraj – University of Illinois at Chicago and Executive Director, Speculative Literature Foundation / DesiLit, USA
Mary Ellen Sikes – President, American Secular Census, USA
Mary Jo Klinker – Winona State University, Winona, MN, USA
Matthew Cheney – Writer; University of New Hampshire, USA
Matthew Knip – Hunter College – CUNY, USA
Melanie A. Saeck – University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA
Dr. Melanie Brewster – Columbia University, USA
Melanie Mallon – Blogger for Skepchick and Skepchick Events, USA
Melissa McEwan – Editor-in-Chief, Shakesville, USA
Melody Hensley – Executive Director, Center for Inquiry–DC; Organizer, Women in Secularism conference, USA
Meredith Schwartzentruber – Soldier, USA
Michaela Moura-Kocoglu – Florida International University, Miami, USA
Micha Medina – University of Cincinnati, USA
Mikki Kendall – Writer and occasional feminist, USA
Mireille Miller-Young – University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Misha Balch LPN, PSN, RC – Founder, Gender Alliance of the South Sound, Tacoma, WA, USA
Misty Clifton – Contributing Writer, Shakesville, USA
Molly Talcott – California State University, Los Angeles, USA
Monica Roberts – Transgriot, USA
N. K. Jemisin – Novelist, USA
Nadia Yvette Chambers – Linux kernel programmer, New York, USA
Nancy Foasberg – Queens College – CUNY, USA
Naomi Podber – CUNY Graduate Center, USA
Niedria Kenny – Author and women’s and civil rights activist, USA
Patrick Nielsen Hayden – Editor, USA
Paula D. Ashe – Writer, educator, scholar, activist, USA
Philip Sellew – University of Minnesota, USA
Poppy Z. Brite – Novelist and artist, USA
Rachel Pollack – Writer, Goddard College, USA
Rebecca Forbes – Human, mother, geologist, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Rebecca Kling – Artist, educator, activist, USA
Rebecca Levi – PhD student, University of Virginia; contributing scholar at State of Formation, USA
Rebecca Watson – Blogger, USA
Rebekah Sheldon – Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis, USA
Robin Reid – Professor of English, USA
Roderick Ferguson – University of Minnesota, USA
Rosalind Petchesky – Hunter College and the Graduate Center, CUNY, and Sexuality Policy Watch, USA
Rose Fox – Editor and activist, USA
Rose Lovell – Blogger and pre-medical student, San Jose State University;, USA
Roxanne Samer – University of Southern California, USA
Ruth McClelland-Nugent – Georgia Regents University Augusta, USA
Sady Doyle – Writer and blogger, USA
Samantha Allen – Doctoral fellow, Emory University; writer and blogger, USA
Sandra Hall, LCSW – Mental Health Director, Lyon-Martin Health Services, San Francisco, USA
Sarah Carroll – Cis lesbian feminist psychologist, Oakland CA, USA
Sarah Jaffe – Columnist, USA
Sarah Pleydell – University of Maryland, College Park, USA
Sarah Schulman – In principle . College of Staten Island – CUNY, USA
Sara Ritchey – University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA
Shauna Roberts – Writer, USA
Sherwood Smith – Author, USA
Sofia Samatar – California State University, Channel Islands, USA
Stacie Hanes – Adjunct, Kent State University, Youngstown, Ohio, USA
Stacie L. Hanes – Kent State University, USA
Stentor Danielson – Slippery Rock University, USA
Suzan Cooke – Writer and photographer, USA
Syd LeRoy – Feminist and Queer Activist; Executive Director, Center for Inquiry – New York City, USA
Talia Bettcher – California State University, Los Angeles, USA
Tamara Berg – Winona State University, Winona, MN, USA
Tamora Pierce – Writer, USA
Tristan Taormino – Sex Out Loud Radio, New York, USA
Veronica I. Arreola – Feminist writer and blogger, Chicago, USA
Veronica Pejril – DePauw University, Greencastle, IN, USA
Veronica Schanoes – Queens College – CUNY, USA
Vicki Rosenzweig – Writer, Bellevue, WA, USA
Wendy Chapkis – University of Southern Maine, USA
Zahira Kelly – Artist and writer, USA
Zamira Castro Jiminez Feminist thinker, sociologist, mental health clinician in training,, USA.

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Not Specified

A. Lynn – Blogger, Nerdy Feminist
Abigail Jensen – Attorney and activist
Alexandra Avis – Teacher/LGBTQ+ activist
Alexandra Wilde – Athlete and Artist
Alexandria Tasker – Founder: United International Transgender Community
Alex Wardrop – Teacher and researcher
Alice Bertrand – Mixed-media artist, music consultant, performer
Alice Nuttall – Fiction writer
Alice Slater – Writer
Alicia Cole – Writer and educator
Allison Grant aka Timid Atheist – Blogger, cis woman, atheist, activist
Allyson Clarke – Blogger
Alyc Helms – Activist and writer
Alyssa Marie La Starza – College student and intersectional feminist
Amadi Aec Lovelace – Blogger [] and editor of Flyover Feminism []
Amanda Gannon aka Naamah Darling – Author and artist
Amanda Levitt – Activist and blogger
Amanda Stock – Graduate student
Ana Guerra – Feminist and activist
Andi Cumbo – Writer
Andrea Cole – Blogger, Inspiration Strikes. In The Kneecaps
Andrea Dahl – Electronics technician
Andrea Plaid – Writer, feminist, Co-founder, Squeezed Between Feminisms
Andrew M. Reichart – Writer
Anna Arrowsmith – Feminist porn director and sex industries workers campaigner
Anna J. Clutterbuck-Cook – Librarian, historian, writer
Anne Brannen – Duquesne University; Reclaiming/Feri Priestess; Blogger; Writer
Ann Vandermeer – Editor
Aoife McKenna – Sociology of gender & sexuality research; activist
Ariana Morrow – Musician
Arrianna Marie Coleman – Writer and activist
Arvan Reese –
Ashley Kelmore – Blogger
Ashley Kelmore – Blogger
Ashwini Tambe – Feminist Studies
Aunty Morriganscrow Greenwell – Celtic Shaman, Teacher and Activist
Auryn Grigori – Blogger
Avital Norman Nathman – Writer and blogger
Avory Faucette – Writer, editor, and blogger at Radically Queer
Becca Baker – Activist and blogger
Bellatrix Savino – Blogger and performer
Beth Wyand – Game-blogger
Betsy Lundsten – Feminist and sf convention runner
Brianna Isaacson – Atudent activist
Brianne Lyons – Artist
Brie Sheldon – Blogger, Gaming as Women
Brodie Roset – Future mental health worker
Brooke Gessner – Graduate student
Bryce R. Covert – Economic Policy Editor, ThinkProgress; Contributor, The Nation
Caitlin Constantine – Writer, blogger, and feminist
Caitlin Hayward-Tapp – Feminist poet and activist
Camilla Rockwood – Editor, writer
Carol E. Wheeler – Web Goddess and Musician
Caroline McNabb – Folklorist and archivist
Carol Queen – Center for Sex and Culture
Carol Uren – Blogger
Cass Alecs “Sailor” Leung – Blogger
Cassandra Philliips-Sears – Writer, genderqueer
Cassie Goodwin – The Reluctant Femme, blogger
Cathryn Brown – Christian feminist, pharmacist and academic
Cathy Leech – Activist
Catt Turney – Researcher, Knowledge Exchange person, blogger
Chanel Dubofsky – Writer, editor
Chanel Dubofsky – Writer and editor
Charlie Hale – Blogger and activist
Charlie Hallam – Writer and activist
Charlotte Richardson Andrews – Journalist
Chloe Emmott – Blogger and activist
Christabel Edwards – Activist
Cindi Knox, MDiv – United Church of Christ Minister; Blogger
Claire Askew – Poet, educator, intersectional feminist)
Claire Jones – Occupational Therapist
Claire Litton – Blogger
Claire Ryan – Blogger and web developer
Clifton Royston – Software developer and feminist
Mx. Constance McEntee – Blogger and activist
Constance Wilkins aka Sacchi Green – Writer and editor of sf/f and LGBTQ fiction
Corinne Kunberger-Striepe – Clinical health psychology graduate student
Cori Wong – Philosophical counselor, blogger, vlogger
Cristin Meravi – Student, professional, and LGBT advocate
Crystal Contreras – Activist and journalist
Cynthia Rodríguez – Writer and blogger
D.E. Rasso – Blogger, writer, and reproductive health advocate
Daniel Cappy – Apprentice Systems Analyst
Danielle Askini – Trans Feminist Writer & Activist
Danielle C. Nelson – Student in psychology and neurology; blogger
Danna Pope – Activist and trainer
Dan “Adhesiveslipper” McDermott – Musician, poet, blogger
Darcy Town – Writer
Dave Williams – Blogger and activist
David Chanoch – Writer and translator
David J. Schwartz – Author
David L. Reeves – Writer/designer and blogger
Dean Davidov – Furious trans* and genderqueer activist
Deborah Hoad – Policy analyst
Devina Lister – Researcher, feminist
D H Kelly / The Goldfish – Writer and blogger
Diana da Piedade – Blogger and student
Diana Salles – Independent scholar
Dianna E Anderson – Blogger
drcable – Activist
Eithne Crow – Blogger
Elaine Gallagher – Writer, reviewer, environmental manager
Elizabeth Conall – Writer
Elizabeth Hiatt – Activist
Elizabeth Porter Birdsall – Writer and blogger
Elizabeth R. McClellan – Writer, poet, attorney
Elizabeth R. McClellan – Writer, poet and lawyer
Emily Finke – Feminist blogger/science communicator
Emily Schorr Lesnick – Teacher, writer, performer
Emily Wagner – YA librarian
Emma Frankel-Thorin – Blogger, activist
Eneasz Brodski – Blogger
Erik Gern – Writer, Programmer
Erin Branscome – Blogger
Fannie Wolfe – Blogger, Fannie’s Room
Feminista Jones – Sex-Positive blogger/columnist and Black Feminist
Fikri Alkhatib – Student and blogger
Foz Meadows – Author and blogger
Rev. Francesca Bongiorno Fortunato – Minister, activist and writer
Frances Hocutt – Feminist activist
Gerard Waguespack – Engineer
Gethin Jones – Blogger
Glosswitch / VJD Smith – Blogger
Gwen Clark – Carer and Double Bassist
Hannah Austin – Activist, editor, postgrad student
Hannah Wright – Researcher, policy adviser
Hanne Blank – Writer and historian
He-Jin Kim – Activist and blogger
Heather Freeman – Artist, blogger, and activist
Heather Horizon Greene – Social worker, healer, activist
Helen Brown – Cis feminist
Helen G. – Blogger
Holly Combe – Writer, writer, editor and commentator
Isma Costa – Artist and Genderqueer
Jaccorbeau Mariamman Terrone – Author, editor, artist and non-binary genderqueer human
Jaciem – Trainer and writer
Jack de Quidt – Games writer
Jaclyn Friedman – Author, activist, and executive director of Women, Action, & the Media
Jaime M. Blackbird – Trans man, photographer, blogger
Jaime Martino – Blogger
Jaime Taylor – Blogger and librarian
Jami Shofner – Writer, geek, comedian, feminist
Jasmin Ditcham – Historian, writer, researcher, poet and blogger
Jasmine Elliott – Writer, academic, and feminist
Jay Botsford – Activist, educator
Jayne Linney – Blogger
J Buell – Blogger, moviemaedchen
Jean Marie Ward – Writer
Jed Hartman – Editor, writer
Jen Larsen – Writer
Jennell Jaquays – Artist, writer, game developer
Jenn Grunigen – Musician and writer
Jenn Halligan – Activist
Jennie Rigg – Blogger, activist & politician
Jennifer Dalton – Blogger
Jennifer Marie Brissett – Author
Jenny Egan – Lawyer, writer, in principle
Jenny Krase – Activist
Jessica Critcher – Writer
Jessica Morris – Queer feminist activist
Jessica Reisman – Fiction writer
Jessica Rodden – Cosplayer/prop maker
Joanne Hall – Author
Jody McCurry – Sex educator and activist
Johnnie Lewis – Veteran, activist, teacher, and writer
Jude McLaughlin – Writer
Julia Hudson-Richards – University professor, history and women’s studies
Julia Marie Nadeau – Writer, poetess and artist
Julia Starkey – Librarian and blogger
Julie Gillis – Writer, producer, activist
Julie Hekate – Sex educator, intimacy coach, pleasure activist
Juliet Birkbeck – Christian feminist
Juliet Swann – Campaigner
Juliette Wade – Writer
K. D. Hume – Writer, blogger, & game developer
K. Perfetto – Blogger
Kari O’Donnell – Blogger
Katarina Hjärpe – School librarian
Kate Forbes – Writer and activist
Kate Kligman –
Kate Pennington – Artist and writer
Kate Schapira – Writer and editor
Katherine Farmar – Author and critic
Katherine Kramer, M.D. – OB-GYN physician
Katherine O’Keefe – Independent scholar
Katherine Slack – Seminarian, blogger, feminist activist
Kath Langrish – Author
Kathleen McCarthy – Blogger
Kath Read – Fat Activist and blogger at Fat Heffalump
Kathryn Allan, PhD – Independent scholar
Katie Klabusich aka Katie Speak – Writer, talker, advocate, and activist for reproductive justice
Rev. Katy Stenta – Blogger, PCUSA pastor
Kelli Anne Busey – Activist and blogger, planetransgender
Kenneth Heard – Fiction writer, psychology instructor
Kestrel Bennett – Artist
Kiarna Boyd – Author
Kristin Craig Lai – Feminist life coach and blogger
Kristy Griffin Green – Blogger
Kyle Lukoff – Blogger and librarian
Kyle Osborne – Artist, Blogger, Activist
Lachrista Greco – Writer and founder of Guerrilla Feminism
Laura Buttrick – Blogger
Laura Holloway-Ross – Activist giving support/information to surviving family/friends of murder victims
Laurel Irons – Activist
Lauren (Beth) Binkovitz – Web developer
Lauren Beukes – Novelist
Lauren Paulk – Reproductive Justice Fellow with National Center for Lesbian Rights
Lauren Rankin – Freelance feminist writer and activist
Lauren Smith – Blogger, academic, teacher
Laurie Edison – Blogger
Leila Šeper – Feminist
Lilithe Magdalene – Blogger
Lindsey Weedston – Feminist and political blogger
Lisa-Marie Ferla – Journalist and blogger
Lisa L. Spangenberg – Writer
Lisa M. Bradley – Writer
Lisa Millbank – Radical transfeminist blogger
Liz Bourke – Writer; reviewer,
Liz Gorinsky – Editor
Lori Perkins – Publisher, RAB/Magnus Books, and life-long feminist
Lori Selke – Author and editor
Lori “Root” Davies – Pagan blogger;
Loz Webb – Independent academic and activist
L Smith – Blogger
Lucian Clark – Writer, blogger, activist
Luiz Gomes – Transfeminist activist
Rt. Rev. Dr. Lynn E. Walker – Clergy member, activist, educator, and social services administrator
Lynne Potter – Psychotherapist
M. Fenn – Writer
Maddie McClouskey – Writer and performer
Maeve Regan – Feminist blogger and activist
Margaret Repko – Student, feminist
Marguerite Smith – Engineer
Marie Phillips – Writer
Marilyn Pierce – Broadcast Engineer and Blogger
Marta Owczarek – Activist and journalist
Maryann Cinelli – Feminist
Matthew Cheney – Writer
Matthew Francis – Physicist, science writer, blogger; Galileo’s Pendulum
Maura McHugh – Writer and activist
Maureen Kelly, ACSE, ACSC – Founder, Out for Health, Planned Parenthood’s LGBT Health and Wellness Program, sexuality educator, activist, queer
Maya Schenwar – Director,
Megan Daly – Blogger
Megan Kearns – Feminist vegan blogger and writer
Melanie Morel-Ensminger – Unitarian Universalist minister, and activist
Melissa Gira Grant – Writer and journalist
Melissa Kaplan – Psychotherapist and co-chair for the 2014 Transcending Boundaries Conference
Mia Nutick – Artist and writer
Michael Passaro – Activist, blogger, academic, feminist, queer/gender theorist
Michelle Allison – Blogger and nutritionist
Michelle Cearley – Social justice advocate, feminist
Michelle Tarnopolsky – Blogger
Milena Popova – Writer and blogger,; equality and diversity, digital rights, political structures
Molly Crabapple – Artist and writer
Nancy Hightower – Writer, art critic, academic
Naomi Ceder – Blogger and tech community organizer, speaker, and activist
Natalia Sanchez-Bell
Natalie Healey – Journalist
Nathan Hevenstone – Blogger
Nicole J. LeBoeuf-Little – Blogger
Nightsky – Engineer, blogger, feminist
Nina Verfaillie – Student, artist, human rights activist
Nirupama Raghavan – Blogger
Nivair H. Gabriel – Writer
Noah Meeks – Trans activist and intern with 7hills Homeless Center
Nora Parrish – Activist
Olivia St. Clair – Blogger: Rad-Femme Lawyer, This Week in Blackness
Orrin A. Loria – Writer
Paige Kimble – Feminist, acafan, blogger
Pamela Dean Dyer-Bennet – Novelist
Pamela V Jones – Boneweaver; Priestess of the Reclaiming/Feri tradition; blogger; cis-gendered believer in equality for *all*
Patricia Hohl – Attorney and Advocate
Paula Allen – Vice President European Operations. European Region, T3P Trans Purple Panthers Party
Paula Guran – Editor and critic
Dr. Paul Woodland – Artist & Teacher
Pedro Carvalho – Science and social justice blogger
Penina Weinberg – Queer Jewish activist and Hebrew Bible teacher
Quinn Capes-Ivy – Trans feminist activist
Rachael Acks – Writer
Rachel Edidin – Writer and editor
Rachel Hills – Journalist, blogger at Musings of an Inappropriate Woman
Rachel K. Zall – Author, performing artist
Ray Filar – Journalist and activist
Rebecca Baker – Disability, women’s, and trans* rights activist
Rebecca Cohen – Cartoonist, artist, illustrator
Rebecca deSantis – Customer service with a very strong interest in trans*-inclusive feminism
Rebecca Eisenberg – Deputy Editor and curator,
Rebecca Hammond – Blogger
Rebecca Winlo – Student
Regina Dentata
Renee Perry – Feminist
Reubs Walsh – Blogger
Robert Dobbs – Artist, Blacksmith, and dad
Robin Hill – Blogger
Robin Sacks – Activist
Robyn A. Bianconi – Media archivist
Ro Smith – Philosopher, writer, blogger, teacher, and feminist
Sabina C. Becker – Writer, blogger and translator
Sally Russell – Musician, teacher and blogger
Samantha A. Perrin – Blogger
Samantha Orr – Feminist and blogger
Samara Weiss – Playwright
Sanaz Raji – Independent scholar
Sandra Odell – Writer
Sandy Hope – Blogger,
Sara Alcid – Feminist writer and reproductive health & justice advocate
Sarah Crewe – Poet
Sarah Ennals – Blogger;
Sarah McEvoy – Writer
Sarah Moon – Writer
Sarah Wilson – Primary school teacher
Savannah Dooley – Writer
Scarlett Harris – Writer and blogger
Sea Lowder – Writer and painter
Sea Lowder – Writer and painter
Seta – Blogger
Shana Aisenberg – Musician, writer, activist
Shanna Compton – Poet, Bloof Books
Sharon Theberge – Blogger
Shauna Gordon-McKeon – Writer and organizer
Shawna Walls – Author and blogger
Dr. Sheila Addison – Family therapist, scholar, teacher
Sheila Sampath – Editorial Director, Shameless Magazine; Creative Director, The Public; Faculty, OCAD University
Shelby Knox – Feminist organizer
Shveta Thakrar – Speculative fiction author and independent activist
Singing Bird Artist – Eco and fibre artist, blogger, permaculture activist
Siobhan Thomas – Blogger
Soha El-Sabaawi – Games writer and blogger
Sonia Onufer Correa – Feminist research associate at ABIA, co-chair of Sexuality Policy Watch
Soraya Chemaly – Writer and activist
Stacey D. Langley – Writer and activist
Stephanie Lord – Writer, policy analyst, and feminist activist
Stephanie Phillips – Journalist and blogger
Stephanie Pippin – Writer and teacher
Stina Leicht – Writer
Sue Kerr MSW – Blogger, advocate
Sue Kerr MSW – Editor/blogger at Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents
Suzy Halberstadt – Activist
T.F. Charlton – Writer and blogger
Tamara L. DeGray – Activist
Tamara Winfrey Harris – Writer, feminist, Co-founder, Squeezed Between Feminisms
Dr. Tansy Rayner Roberts – Novelist & podcaster
Tanya Tynjälä – Writer
Tara B – Black femme queer fat feminist, cisgendered
Te Jefferson – Writer
Terrilynn Cantlon – Transfeminist, activist, educator, and writer
Terri Stewart – Pastor, blogger, activist, womanist, mom of trans son
Theresa Derwin – Writer and blogger
Thia Jones – Writer and activist
Tiffany A. Christian – Writer, vocalist, filmmaker, educator
Tiffany Arnold – Activist, feminist, student
Tilly Grove – Blogger and activist
Tina Žigon – Educator, scholar, activist
Tristen J. Black – Writer
Trudy Hamilton – Writer and social critic
Veronica Lugo-Cortes – Feminist, blogger
Victoria Welle – Writer and activist
Miss Violet DeVille – Burlesque performer and producer, Purple Devil Productions
Vladimir Barash – Social media scholar
Vron McIntyre – Feminist, occasional writer
Vyviane Armstrong – Priestess and Community Matron. Sisterhood of Avalon
Wendy Lyon – Feminist Ire blog
Wendy Lyon – Blogger
Yatzel Sabat – Reproductive Justice Organizer/Activist
Yolanda M. Carrington – Blogger, Lavender Kitchen Sink Collective
Yvonne Aburrow – Writer and blogger
Zachary Loeb – Blogger and librarian
Zoë Marriott – Writer, blogger and ally

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Updated on November 4, 2013

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  1. Cinnamon

     /  October 19, 2013

    There’s quite a few here in the Unknown section who are from the UK. They are: Amberine Khan, Carol Uren, Cel West, Charley Hasted, Cheryl Morgan, Christabel Edwards, Christine Burns, Gethin Jones, Helen G, Jane Cornall, Jane Fae, Juliet Jaques, Laurie Penny, Rachel Hubbard, Rory MacKinnon, Roz Kaveney and Sarah Brown.

  2. Thank you. The person who did the geographic sorting for us is from the Continent and wasn’t necessarily as familiar with a lot of these names as the rest of us – we will update as soon as possible! Roz, of course, is one of the authors of the Statement of Trans-Inclusive Feminism itself!

  3. Veronica

     /  October 23, 2013

    They should be updated now. I knew of a few like Laurie Penny (obviously) and Sarah Brown who I know from Twitter, but I missed those on the initial run-trough. I also changed the “Unknown” heading to “Not Specified” as the latter is actually the case 🙂

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