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Signatures, Alphabetically

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A. Lynn – Blogger, Nerdy Feminist
A. Mani – Researcher, University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India
A. Mendosa – Activist, blogger, USA
Aaminah Khan – Activist and writer, Australia
Abigail Jensen – Attorney and activist
Abigail Wolford – Boise State University-College of Western Idaho, USA
Adunni Adams – Member, Black Feminists Birmingham and Black Feminists, United Kingdom
Aishwarya Subramanian – Blogger, India
Aisling Gallagher – NUS-USI Women’s Officer, NUS Women’s Committee, United Kingdom
Aleksandra Nazarova – Human rights activist, Kyiv, Ukraine
Alexandra Avis – Teacher/LGBTQ+ activist
Alexandra Byerly De Ruiz – Activist and Consultant in Sexuality and Gender, Mexico City, Mexico
Alexandra Muller – University of Cape Town, South Africa
Alexandra Wilde – Athlete and Artist
Alexandria Tasker – Founder: United International Transgender Community
Alex Dymock – Ph.D. student, University of Reading, United Kingdom
Alex Hanna – University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Alex Langshall – Salt Lake Community College, USA
Alex Wardrop – Teacher and researcher
Alice Bertrand – Mixed-media artist, music consultant, performer
Alice Nuttall – Fiction writer
Alice Slater – Writer
Alicia Cole – Writer and educator
Alisa Rosenthal – Gustavus Adolphus College, United Kingdom
Alison Howell – Rutgers University, Newark, USA
Alison Kilkenny – Journalist and activist, USA
Alison Stevenson – Queer and trans* liberation activist, United Kingdom
Allison Armstrong – Blogger, writer, poet – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Allison Grant aka Timid Atheist – Blogger, cis woman, atheist, activist
Allyson Clarke – Blogger
Alyc Helms – Activist and writer
Alyson Cole – Queens College – CUNY, USA
Alyssa Marie La Starza – College student and intersectional feminist
Amadi Aec Lovelace – Blogger [amaditalks.com] and editor of Flyover Feminism [flyoverfeminism.com]
Amanda Gannon aka Naamah Darling – Author and artist
Amanda Levitt – Activist and blogger
Amanda Peterson – Teacher, activist, USA
Amanda Phillips – University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Amanda Schaefer – University student, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa; blogger, USA
Amanda Stock – Graduate student
Amanda W. Peet – University of Toronto, Canada
Amber Dean – McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Amberine Khan – NUS Women’s Campaign Committee 2013/2014, Bisexual+ Rep, United Kingdom
Amelia Horgan – Women’s Officer at King’s College, Cambridge; Member of the executive team, Cambridge University Student Union’s Women’s Campaign, United Kingdom
Ami Angelwings – Blogger and social worker, Canada
Amy Cote – University of Alberta, Canada
Amy Howton – University of Cincinnati, USA
Ana Cardoso – Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Ana Guerra – Feminist and activist
Ana Mardoll – Blogger, Ana Mardoll’s Ramblings, USA
Ananya Mukherjea – City University of New York, USA
Anastasova Viktorija – (LGBT Activist) Subversive Front, Macedonia
Anaïs Delcroix – Lesbian, activist, feminist; mavieestpolitique.wordpress.com, France
Andi Cumbo – Writer
Andrea Brady – Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom
Andrea Cole – Blogger, Inspiration Strikes. In The Kneecaps
Andrea Dahl – Electronics technician
Andrea Plaid – Writer, feminist, Co-founder, Squeezed Between Feminisms
Andrew Hickey – Author, blogger, United Kingdom
Andrew M. Reichart – Writer
Angela Mitropoulos – University of Sydney, Australia
Angela Wells – Artist and activist, New Zealand
Anna Arrowsmith – Feminist porn director and sex industries workers campaigner
Anna J. Clutterbuck-Cook – Librarian, historian, writer
Anna Karlsson – Teacher of art, animation & film, comics, Sweden
Anne Brannen – Duquesne University; Reclaiming/Feri Priestess; Blogger; Writer
Anne Eaton – University of Illinois – Chicago, USA
Anne Mulhall – University College, Dublin, Ireland
Anne Ogborn – Frightening sex change, USA
Ann Snitow – The Network of East-West Women, USA
Ann Vandermeer – Editor
Aoife Emily Hart – University of British Columbia, Canada
Aoife FitzGibbon O’Riordan – Blogger & feminist; http://considertheteacosy.wordpress.com, Ireland
Aoife McKenna – Sociology of gender & sexuality research; activist
April Lidinsky – Indiana University South Bend, USA
April Schanoes, LCSW-R – West Side Foundation for Supportive Senior Housing, USA
Ariana Morrow – Musician
Ariane Sirota – Artist and activist, France
Ariella R. Rotramel – Connecticut College, USA
Ariel Silvera – Writer, performer, activist, United Kingdom
Arrianna Marie Coleman – Writer and activist
Arvan Reese – sexgenderbody.com
Ashley Kelmore – Blogger
Ashley Kelmore – Blogger
Ashwini Tambe – Feminist Studies
Astrid Idlewild – Editor, urban historian, Canada
Aunty Morriganscrow Greenwell – Celtic Shaman, Teacher and Activist
Auryn Grigori – Blogger
Autumn Sandeen – Trans activist, columnist, and blogger, USA
Avedon Carol – Activist and writer; Feminists Against Censorship, United Kingdom
Avital Norman Nathman – Writer and blogger
Avory Faucette – Writer, editor, and blogger at Radically Queer

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Dr. B.J. Epstein – Lecturer in literature and public engagement at the University of East Anglia, United Kingdom
Balam Kenter – Intersectional feminist, polyqueer, pro-sex, pro-sex worker, pro-porn pervert, antimilitarist, anarchist, vegan, Turkey
Barbara Simerka – Queens College – CUNY, United Kingdom
Barbra Wangare – S.H.E and Transitioning Africa, Kenya
Barry Deutsch – Cartoonist and blogger, USA
Bea Groves – President of the Institute for Learning, United Kingdom
Becca Baker – Activist and blogger
Bellatrix Savino – Blogger and performer
Beth Wyand – Game-blogger
Betsy Lundsten – Feminist and sf convention runner
Bill Ivey – Gender activist, middle school teacher, USA
Brianna Isaacson – Atudent activist
Brianne Lyons – Artist
Brie Sheldon – Blogger, Gaming as Women
Brodie Roset – Future mental health worker
Brooke Gessner – Graduate student
Bruni – Activist and social sciences student, Brazil
Bryce R. Covert – Economic Policy Editor, ThinkProgress; Contributor, The Nation

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Cael Keegan – Hobart and William Smith Colleges, USA
CaitieCat – Feminist blogger and activist, Canada
Caitlin B – Student and musician, Melbourne, Australia
Caitlin Constantine – Writer, blogger, and feminist
Caitlin Hayward-Tapp – Feminist poet and activist
Cai Wilkinson – School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Deakin University, Victoria, Australia
Camilla Rockwood – Editor, writer
Canéla A. Jaramillo, Ph.D. – Writer and editor, USA
Carina Mathias Saxon – Indiana University, USA
Carla A. Pfeffer, Ph.D – Purdue University North Central, USA
Carol E. Wheeler – Web Goddess and Musician
Caroline McNabb – Folklorist and archivist
Carol Queen – Center for Sex and Culture
Carol Uren – Blogger
Carrie D. Shanafelt – Grinnell College, USA
Cass Alecs “Sailor” Leung – Blogger
Cassandra Cochin aka Koala – Transfeminist, blogger, France
Cassandra Philliips-Sears – Writer, genderqueer
Cassie Goodwin – The Reluctant Femme, blogger
Cassy G. – Human resources, Missouri, USA
Catherine Baker – University of Hull, United Kingdom
Catherine Butler – Author and academic, University of the West of England, Bristol, United Kingdom
Catherine Lundoff – Writer and editor, USA
Catherynne M. Valente – Author, USA
Cathryn Brown – Christian feminist, pharmacist and academic
Cathy Leech – Activist
Catt Turney – Researcher, Knowledge Exchange person, blogger
Cel West – Activist and writer, United Kingdom
Chanel Dubofsky – Writer, editor
Chanel Dubofsky – Writer and editor
Charley Hasted – Activist and Lambeth College Students’ Union, Personal Capacity, United Kingdom
Charlie Hale – Blogger and activist
Charlie Hallam – Writer and activist
Charlotte Richardson Andrews – Journalist
Chaz Brenchley – Writer, United Kingdom
Cheryl Morgan – Publisher and blogger, United Kingdom
Chloe Emmott – Blogger and activist
Chris*tin Richter – Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Zentrum für transdisziplinäre Geschlechterstudien, Germany
Christabel Edwards – Activist
Christine Burns – Equalities consultant, blogger and campaigner, United Kingdom
Christine Slaughter – Ph.D, student, Sociology, Yale University, USA
Chryssy Hunter – London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom
Cindi Knox, MDiv – United Church of Christ Minister; Blogger
Claire Askew – Poet, educator, intersectional feminist)
Claire Bond Potter – The New School for Public Engagement, USA
Claire House – International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, Brazil
Claire Jones – Occupational Therapist
Claire Litton – Blogger
Claire Ryan – Blogger and web developer
Clarity Haynes – Artist, educator and activist, USA
Clifton Royston – Software developer and feminist
Colette Hyman – Winona State University, Winona, MN, USA
Mx. Constance McEntee – Blogger and activist
Constance Wilkins aka Sacchi Green – Writer and editor of sf/f and LGBTQ fiction
Corinne Kunberger-Striepe – Clinical health psychology graduate student
Corinne McAlary – Teacher, Portugal
Cori Wong – Philosophical counselor, blogger, vlogger
Creatrix Tiara / Tiara Shafiq – Artist & activist, USA, USA
Crissa Cummings – SuBAMUH Womyn’s Land Trust Resident [Susan B. Anthony Womyn’s Land Trust, Athens, Ohio], USA
Cristin Meravi – Student, professional, and LGBT advocate
Cristy S. Cardinal – Feminist blogger and DV/SA Prevention Educator, Michigan, USA
Crystal Contreras – Activist and journalist
Cynthia Rodríguez – Writer and blogger

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D.E. Rasso – Blogger, writer, and reproductive health advocate
Danah Boyd – Microsoft research and New York University, USA
Dana Lane Taylor – University of Pennsylvania, blogger, activist, USA
Dana McCallum – Technologist and activist, USA
Daniela Andrade – Transfeminist activist and blogger, http://www.alegriafalhada.com.br / São Paulo, Brazil
Daniel Cappy – Apprentice Systems Analyst
Daniel Holzman-Tweed – Blogger, USA
Danielle Askini – Trans Feminist Writer & Activist
Danielle C. Nelson – Student in psychology and neurology; blogger
Danielle Koss – Trans* and queer feminist activist/ advocate in Northern California, USA
Danielle Légaré – Director, H.R. (Ret’d) Canadian Federal Government Department, Canada
Danna Pope – Activist and trainer
Dan “Adhesiveslipper” McDermott – Musician, poet, blogger
Daralyn Maxwell – Trans-advocate and producer, LGBT/trans-centric news program, Portland, Maine [WMPG-fm, 90.9 & 104.1, and http://www.wmpg.org%5D, USA
Darcy Town – Writer
Darrah Cloud – Playwright and screenwriter; Goddard College, USA
Dave Williams – Blogger and activist
David Chanoch – Writer and translator
David J. Schwartz – Author
David L. Reeves – Writer/designer and blogger
David Langford – Author, editor, publisher, United Kingdom
Dean Davidov – Furious trans* and genderqueer activist
Debbie Notkin – Blogger, USA
Deborah Gussman – Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, USA
Deborah Hoad – Policy analyst
Deesha Narichania – Activist, USA
Delphe D. – Blogger and student, France
Derrais Carter – Portland State University, USA
Devina Lister – Researcher, feminist
D H Kelly / The Goldfish – Writer and blogger
Diana Brydon – University of Manitoba, Canada
Diana da Piedade – Blogger and student
Diana Salles – Independent scholar
Dianna E Anderson – Blogger
Dominique Grisard – CUNY Graduate Center/Columbia University/University of Basel, Switzerland
Donald M. Scott – Queens College – CUNY, USA
Donna M. Levinsohn – Attorney and activist, New York City, USA
drcable – Activist

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Eithne Crow – Blogger
Elaine Gallagher – Writer, reviewer, environmental manager
Elise Kis – Social Work Student – University of Regina, Canada
Elise Matthesen – Writer, artist, activist, USA
Elizabeth Conall – Writer
Elizabeth Currans – Eastern Michigan University, USA
Elizabeth Dearnley – University College London, United Kingdom
Elizabeth Hiatt – Activist
Elizabeth Kate Switaj – Writer, scholar, and teacher, College of the Marshall Islands, Marshall Islands
Elizabeth Kelley Bowman – University of Guahan, Guam
Elizabeth Lane – Bigendered antiracist feminist – Louisiana, USA
Elizabeth Levitt – President LITMA, The Long Island Traditional Music Association; we are a GLBT welcoming organization, USA
Elizabeth Porter Birdsall – Writer and blogger
Elizabeth R. McClellan – Writer, poet, attorney
Elizabeth R. McClellan – Writer, poet and lawyer
Elizabeth Surton – Full-Spectrum Midwife, USA
Elizabeth Veldon – Gender varient person, musician and activist, United Kingdom
Eliza Steinbock – TranScreen Amsterdam Film Festival/Maastricht Universiteit, Netherlands
Ellen Datlow – Editor, USA
Ellen Kirkpatrick – PhD Candidate, United Kingdom
Ellie Hutchinson – Activist and campaigner working at a national violence against women charity, Scotland, United Kingdom
Elliot Evans – King’s College London, United Kingdom
Emilia Lombardi – Baldwin Wallace University, Berea, Ohio, USA
Emily Dubberley – Sex writer and founder of Cliterati.co.uk, United Kingdom
Emily Finke – Feminist blogger/science communicator
Emily Schorr Lesnick – Teacher, writer, performer
Emily Vrotsos – University of Central Florida (U.C.F.), Orlando, USA
Emily Wagner – YA librarian
Emma England – University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Emma Frankel-Thorin – Blogger and activist, United Kingdom
Emma Frankel-Thorin – Blogger, activist
Emma Woolley – Writer and community manager, Toronto, ON, Canada
Eneasz Brodski – Blogger
Enid Buscemi – Cis-femme-feminist ally against transmisogyny http://mangedlamarde.wordpress.com/, France
Eric Bagai – Blogger, USA
Erika Lin – George Mason University, USA
Erik Gern – Writer, Programmer
Erin Branscome – Blogger
Erin Winslow – Textile artist, activist politician [Vänsterpartiet aka the Swedish Left Party], Sweden
Erzebet Yellowboy – Writer and artist, France
Eve Pamela Grice – Doctoral student, University of Maryland, USA

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Fannie Wolfe – Blogger, Fannie’s Room
Farah Mendlesohn – Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom
Faridah Newman – Political advisor, United Kingdom
Favor Ellis – Dean of Community, Sterling College, USA
Feminista Jones – Sex-Positive blogger/columnist and Black Feminist
Fikri Alkhatib – Student and blogger
Finn Enke – University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA
Flavia Dzodan – Writer and media maker, Netherlands
Foz Meadows – Author and blogger
Rev. Francesca Bongiorno Fortunato – Minister, activist and writer
Frances Hocutt – Feminist activist
Frann Michel – Willamette University, USA

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Gaayathri – Feminist blogger and activist, New Zealand
Gabi Clayton – Activist and co-founder of Families United Against Hate; Olympia, WA, USA
Gabi Clayton, – Activist and co-founder of Families United Against Hate; Olympia, WA, USA
Galla Libertad – Activist, USA
Ganna Grytsenko – Feminist, activist and sociologist, Kyiv,, Ukraine
Geena Patterson – Visiting Assistant Professor of English and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Miami University Hamilton, Ohio, USA
Genevieve Valentine – Writer, USA
George Berger – Retired academic, Uppsala University, Sweden
Gerard Waguespack – Engineer
Gethin Jones – Blogger
Glenda Larke – Novelist, Malaysia
Gloria Careaga – UNAM/National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico
Glosswitch / VJD Smith – Blogger
Grace Annam – Police officer and blogger, USA
Grace Mateo – Artist, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Gwen Clark – Carer and Double Bassist
Gwendolyn Ann Smith – Columnist and Transgender Day of Remembrance founder, USA
GwenDragon – Lesbian, programmer, blogger, Germany

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Hailey K. Alves – Blogger and transfeminist activist, Brazil
Hannah Austin – Activist, editor, postgrad student
Hannah Wright – Researcher, policy adviser
Hanne Blank – Writer and historian
Haran Yakir – Feminist student, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Harri Weeks – Queer, Trans, Feminist activist and community organiser, United Kingdom
Harumi – Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil
He-Jin Kim – Activist and blogger
Heather Freeman – Artist, blogger, and activist
Heather Horizon Greene – Social worker, healer, activist
Heather Love – University of Pennsylvania, USA
Heidi Heilig – Writer, USA
Helen Boyd – Author and activist, USA
Helen Brown – Cis feminist
Helen G. – Blogger
Helen Pilinovsky – Barnard College, USA
Helen Tunbridge – Believes in equality for all, United Kingdom
Helga Hansen – Writer and blogger, Germany
Hildur Lilliendahl Viggósdóttir – Blogger, feminist and activist, Reykjavík, Iceland
Holly Combe – Writer, writer, editor and commentator
Hugh English – Queens College – CUNY, USA

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Iansales – Writer, reviewer, and curator of SF Mistressworks website, United Kingdom
Ian S Carr – Father, student. University of Illinois – Springfield, USA
Isabel Pitta Klein – Student, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Isma Costa – Artist and Genderqueer
Izzy Kamikaze – Queer activist, Ireland

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Jaccorbeau Mariamman Terrone – Author, editor, artist and non-binary genderqueer human
Jaciem – Trainer and writer
Jack de Quidt – Games writer
Jack Wolf – Author, United Kingdom
Jaclyn Friedman – Author, activist, and executive director of Women, Action, & the Media
Jaime M. Blackbird – Trans man, photographer, blogger
Jaime Martino – Blogger
Jaime Taylor – Blogger and librarian
James Morton – Activist, Scotland, United Kingdom
Jamie “Skye” Bianco – New York University, USA
Jami Shofner – Writer, geek, comedian, feminist
Jan Clausen – Writer, MFAW faculty, Goddard College, USA
Jane Carnall – Blogger [EdinburghEye] and activist), United Kingdom
Dr. Jane Clark – Engineer, Physicist & Astronomy Writer, United Kingdom
Jane Fae – Writer and activist, United Kingdom
Janet D. Stemwedel – San José State University, USA
Janneke van der Ros – Scholar in pol.sci, gender studies and trans studier, and feminist, Norway
Jaqueline Gomes de Jesus – Activist and blogger http://jaquejesus.blogspot.com.br, Brazil
Jaqueline Gomes de Jesus – University of Brasilia, Brazil
Jarrah Hodge – Blogger and activist – Vancouver, Canada
Jasmin Ditcham – Historian, writer, researcher, poet and blogger
Jasmine Elliott – Writer, academic, and feminist
Jay Botsford – Activist, educator
Jaydeyn Thomas – PhD Candidate, Australia
Jayne Linney – Blogger
J Buell – Blogger, moviemaedchen
Jean Marie Ward – Writer
Jean Stuntz J.D., Ph.D. – Head of History Dept., West Texas A&M University, Canyon, Texas; President-Elect H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online, USA
Jed Hartman – Editor, writer
Jeff VanderMeer – Novelist, USA
Jemma Tosh – University of Chester, United Kingdom
Jen Jack Gieseking – Bowdoin College, USA
Jen Larsen – Writer
Jen Manion – Connecticut College, USA
Jennell Jaquays – Artist, writer, game developer
Jenn Grunigen – Musician and writer
Jenn Halligan – Activist
Jennie Rigg – Blogger, activist & politician
Jennifer Dalton – Blogger
Jennifer Finney Boylan – Professor, Colby College; writer, USA
Jennifer Marie Brissett – Author
Jennifer Marie Marcus,Esq. – Member of the ACLU & Lambda Legal, human, civil rights and social justice political activist, USA
Jennifer Natalya Fink – Georgetown University, USA
Jenny Egan – Lawyer, writer, in principle
Jenny Krase – Activist
Jen Tidman – Research psychologist, United Kingdom
Jess Haigh – Librarian, blogger and activist, Leeds; http://jesshaigh.wordpress.com, United Kingdom
Jessica Critcher – Writer
Jessica Lawless – Adjunct Professor, Santa Fe Community College, NM, USA
Jessica Morris – Queer feminist activist
Jessica Reisman – Fiction writer
Jessica Rodden – Cosplayer/prop maker
Jessica Valenti – Author and columnist, USA
Jessica W. Luther – Writer and activist, USA
Jessie Lowell – Activist, science graduate student, Brandeis University, USA
Jill Filipovic – Writer and blogger, USA
Jill Gaulding – Gender Justice, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Jim C. Hines – Writer and blogger, USA
Joanne Hall – Author
Jo Clifford – Writer, performer, and teacher, United Kingdom
Jody McCurry – Sex educator and activist
Joelle Ruby Ryan – University of New Hampshire, USA
John McMahon – Hunter College and The Graduate Center, CUNY, USA
Johnnie Lewis – Veteran, activist, teacher, and writer
Jonathan Tait – Blogger; Nottingham, United Kingdom
Josie Moore – Student, MA (Hons) Philosophy, University of Dundee, United Kingdom
Jo T – Pro-choice activist, London, United Kingdom
Jo Walton – Novelist, United Kingdom
Joy Fuqua – Dept. of Media Studies, Queens College, USA
Jude McLaughlin – Writer
Jude Roberts – Birkbeck College, University of London, United Kingdom
Judith Wanga – Writer & Human Rights Campaigner, United Kingdom
Dr. Judy Rohrer – Western Kentucky University, USA
Julia Campbell – Film and theatre maker and activist, Aotearoa, New Zealand
Julia Hudson-Richards – University professor, history and women’s studies
Julia Kilgour – Graduate student, University of Guelph, Canada
Julia Marie Nadeau – Writer, poetess and artist
Julia Serano – Author and activist, USA
Julia Starkey – Librarian and blogger
Julie A. Hofmann – Shenandoah University, USA
Julie Gillis – Writer, producer, activist
Dr. Julie Gosling – Making Waves, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Julie Hekate – Sex educator, intimacy coach, pleasure activist
Juliet Birkbeck – Christian feminist
Juliet E McKenna – Epic fantasy author, reviewer, blogger, United Kingdom
Juliet Jacques – Writer, United Kingdom
Juliet Swann – Campaigner
Juliette Wade – Writer
Juno – Transfeminist militant, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

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K. D. Hume – Writer, blogger, & game developer
K. Perfetto – Blogger
K. Tempest Bradford aka The Angry Black Woman – Science fiction and fantasy writer, and social justice activist, USA
Kameron Hurley – Novelist and blogger, USA
Karen E. McCallum – MPhil/PhD Candidate School of Advanced Study, University of London, United Kingdom
Karen Pickering – Feminist presenter, writer & educator, Melbourne, Australia
Karin Tidbeck – Writer and creative writing teacher, Sweden
Kari O’Donnell – Blogger
Kari Sperring aka K L Maund – Writer and historian, United Kingdom
Karolina “Jadehawk” Lewis – Feminist blogger http://jadehawks.wordpress.com, USA
Karyn Pilgrim – SUNY/Empire State College, USA
Katarina Hjärpe – School librarian
Kate Bornstein – Writer and activist, USA
Kate Elliott – Novelist, USA
Kate Forbes – Writer and activist
Kate Kligman – katekligman.com
Kate Pennington – Artist and writer
Kate Schapira – Writer and editor
Katharine Beutner – Writer, University of Hawai`i at Manoa, USA
Katharine Weber – Novelist; Kenyon College, USA
Katherine Berger – Augsburg College, USA
Katherine Cross – CUNY Graduate Center, Writer/Activist, USA
Katherine Farmar – Author and critic
Katherine Hawkland – CUNY Graduate Center and Queens College, CUNY, USA
Katherine Kramer, M.D. – OB-GYN physician
Katherine O’Keefe – Independent scholar
Katherine Slack – Seminarian, blogger, feminist activist
Kath Langrish – Author
Kathleen McCarthy – Blogger
Kathleen Nicole O’Neal – Blogger; San Francisco State University, USA
Kath Read – Fat Activist and blogger at Fat Heffalump
Kathrine M. Callahan – Teacher and feminist blogger, Tokyo, Japan
Kathryn Allan, PhD – Independent scholar
Katie Klabusich aka Katie Speak – Writer, talker, advocate, and activist for reproductive justice
Katie Lara – Graduate student, law and social work, Rutgers University; blogger, http://kaleidoscopesj.com, USA
Kat Orphanides – Genderqueer journalist, United Kingdom
Rev. Katy Stenta – Blogger, PCUSA pastor
Kay Jones – Activist, New Zealand
Kelli Anne Busey – Activist and blogger, planetransgender
Kelli Sanders – Feminist and activist, Texas, USA
Kelly Jennings – Writer and professor, University of Arkansas-Fort Smith, USA
Kelly Martin Broderick – Activist – Blogger – University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA
Kelly Parry – Student president, Edinburgh College, United Kingdom
Kenne Mwikya – Writer and activist, Nairobi, Kenya
Kenneth Heard – Fiction writer, psychology instructor
Keridwen Luis – Harvard University, United Kingdom
Kerry John Poynter – University of Illinois Springfield, USA
Kestrel Bennett – Artist
Kevan Pansy Gardner – Student and activist, Central Washington University, Ellensburg, USA
Kiarna Boyd – Author
Kim Rippere – Blogger, http://secularwoman.org, USA
Kirstie Innes-Will – Editor, Melbourne, Australia
Kirstyn McDermott – Author, Australia
Kitty Stryker – Writer, activist, queer porn performer, and also on behalf of Consent Culture, USA
Klepsie – Musician, United Kingdom
Kohutek – Transfeminist and cyber-activist, Brazil
Kristie Waller – Women’s Officer, Ruskin College, Oxford, United Kingdom
Kristina Viggers – Atudent, transfeminist, and artist, Denmark
Kristin Craig Lai – Feminist life coach and blogger
Kristin E. Pitt – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
Kristy Griffin Green – Blogger
Kyle Lukoff – Blogger and librarian
Kyle Osborne – Artist, Blogger, Activist

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L. Timmel Duchamp – Publisher, Aqueduct Press, USA
La Bibliotequetress – Writer, para-archivist/librarian, USA
Lachrista Greco – Writer and founder of Guerrilla Feminism
Laetitia Schteinberg – Experimental musician, LGBT activist, Sweden
Laura Buttrick – Blogger
Laura Hidalgo – Student and blogger, http://proflolo.yagg.com, France
Laura Holloway-Ross – Activist giving support/information to surviving family/friends of murder victims
Laurelai Bailey – Blogger, USA
Laurel Irons – Activist
Lauren (Beth) Binkovitz – Web developer
Lauren Beukes – Novelist
Lauren Paulk – Reproductive Justice Fellow with National Center for Lesbian Rights
Lauren Rankin – Freelance feminist writer and activist
Lauren Smith – Blogger, academic, teacher
Laurie Edison – Blogger
Laurie Penny – Journalist and activist, United Kingdom
Leah Houtman – Oregon State University, USA
Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha – Writer, performer, director, editor, blogger, Canada
Leda Ferreira do Amaral – Blogger and transfeminist activist, Brazil
Lee G. – Educator, Author, Blogger, Queer, Brazil
Leigh Ann Craig – Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Leila Walker – Graduate Center, CUNY, USA
Leila Šeper – Feminist, Serbia, http://femtechs.wordpress.com
Leiliane Assunção – Federal University of the Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Leo Amx Waters – Organizer – Queer Resistance, Founder & Chair – Cahoots Collective Housing Co-operative, United Kingdom
Lesley Blower – Feminist, United Kingdom
Letícia Lanz – Writer and psychoanalyst, Brazil
Liliane Anderson Reis Caldeira – Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Lilithe Magdalene – Blogger
Linda Bellos, OBE – Equality Law specialist, Chair of Institute of Equality and Diversity Practitioners, United Kingdom
Lindsay Beyerstein – Journalist, USA
Lindsey Weedston – Feminist and political blogger
Lisa-Marie Ferla – Journalist and blogger
Lisa Day – Associate professor, Eastern Kentucky University, USA
Lisa Jeschke – University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Lisa Karakaya – Queens College and the Graduate Center, CUNY, USA
Lisa L. Spangenberg – Writer
Lisa M. Bradley – Writer
Lisa Millbank – Radical transfeminist blogger
Liz Bourke – Writer; reviewer, Tor.com
Liz Chapman – Librarian and researcher, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
Liz Gorinsky – Editor
Lizzie McCormick – Suffolk County Community College, USA
Loba Azul – Writer, activist, wolf advocate, Olympia, WA, USA
Lo Hillarp – Student, Lunds Universitet, Sweden
Lori Perkins – Publisher, RAB/Magnus Books, and life-long feminist
Lori Selke – Author and editor
Lori “Root” Davies – Pagan blogger; http://faeoftheroots.wordpress.com/
Loz Webb – Independent academic and activist
L Smith – Blogger
Lucian Clark – Writer, blogger, activist
Luiz Gomes – Transfeminist activist
Luma Andrade – Federal University of Ceará, Brazil
Rev. Lura Groen – Pastor, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, USA
Lynare Robbins – Filmmaker & writer, Miami, Florida, USA
Lyndsey Moon – University of Roehampton and University of Warwick, United Kingdom
Rt. Rev. Dr. Lynn E. Walker – Clergy member, activist, educator, and social services administrator
Lynne Potter – Psychotherapist
Lynne Segal – Birkbeck, University of London, United Kingdom

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M. Fenn – Writer
Maddie McClouskey – Writer and performer
Maeve Regan – Feminist blogger and activist
Margaret Repko – Student, feminist
Marguerite Smith – Engineer
Maria Dahvana Headley – Novelist, memoirist & feminist; that particular -ist is the one that informs the rest., USA
Marianne Cassidy – Feminist blogger, Ireland
Marie Brennan – Writer, USA
Marie Phillips – Writer
Marilee Lindemann – University of Maryland, USA
Marilyn Pierce – Broadcast Engineer and Blogger
Marina Riedel – Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Mark Rifkin – University of North Carolina – Greensboro, USA
Marta Owczarek – Activist and journalist
Martha Hubbard – Teacher & writer, Saaremaa, Estonia
Martha Wells – Writer, USA
Martina Riehm – Trans, feminist and queer activist, Halle, Germany
Mary Ann Barclay – Justice Associate & Youth Director at a United Methodist Church, activist, USA
Maryann Cinelli – Feminist
Mary Anne Mohanraj – University of Illinois at Chicago and Executive Director, Speculative Literature Foundation / DesiLit, USA
Mary Ellen Sikes – President, American Secular Census, USA
Mary Jo Klinker – Winona State University, Winona, MN, USA
Mary Lynne Biener IBCLC – Clinician and Faculty at the International Breastfeeding Centre/Newman Breastfeeding Clinic, Toronto, Canada
Matthew Cheney – Writer; University of New Hampshire, USA
Matthew Cheney – Writer
Matthew Corbally – Activist and student at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Matthew Francis – Physicist, science writer, blogger; Galileo’s Pendulum
Matthew Knip – Hunter College – CUNY, USA
Maura McHugh – Writer and activist
Maureen Kelly, ACSE, ACSC – Founder, Out for Health, Planned Parenthood’s LGBT Health and Wellness Program, sexuality educator, activist, queer
Max Meliani – Design student, Brazil
Maya Schenwar – Director, truthout.org
Megan Bowra-Dean – Blogger and writer, New Zealand
Megan Daly – Blogger
Megan Kearns – Feminist vegan blogger and writer
Melanie A. Saeck – University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA
Dr. Melanie Brewster – Columbia University, USA
Melanie Mallon – Blogger for Skepchick and Skepchick Events, USA
Melanie Morel-Ensminger – Unitarian Universalist minister, and activist
Melissa Beattie – Ph.D candidate, Aberystwyth University, Wales, United Kingdom
Melissa Gira Grant – Writer and journalist
Melissa Kaplan – Psychotherapist and co-chair for the 2014 Transcending Boundaries Conference
Melissa McEwan – Editor-in-Chief, Shakesville, USA
Melody Hensley – Executive Director, Center for Inquiry–DC; Organizer, Women in Secularism conference, USA
Mercedes Allen – Activist and blogger, Canada
Meredith Schwartzentruber – Soldier, USA
Mia Nutick – Artist and writer
Michaela Moura-Kocoglu – Florida International University, Miami, USA
Michael Passaro – Activist, blogger, academic, feminist, queer/gender theorist
Micha Medina – University of Cincinnati, USA
Michelle Allison – Blogger and nutritionist
Michelle Cearley – Social justice advocate, feminist
Michelle Tarnopolsky – Blogger
Mijke van der Drift – Activist; Goldsmiths College, London; programmer, TranScreen, the Amsterdam Transgender Filmfestival, United Kingdom
Mike Conley – Software Engineer, Oxford, United Kingdom
Mikki Kendall – Writer and occasional feminist, USA
Milena Popova – Writer and blogger, http://milenapopova.eu/; equality and diversity, digital rights, political structures
Minas Al-Baghdadi – Uppsala University, Sweden
Mireille Miller-Young – University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Misha Balch LPN, PSN, RC – Founder, Gender Alliance of the South Sound, Tacoma, WA, USA
Misty Clifton – Contributing Writer, Shakesville, USA
Molly Crabapple – Artist and writer
Molly Talcott – California State University, Los Angeles, USA
Monica Roberts – Transgriot, USA
Morgane Merteuil – Sexworker and sexworker’s rights activist, France

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N. K. Jemisin – Novelist, USA
Nadia Yvette Chambers – Linux kernel programmer, New York, USA
Nancy Foasberg – Queens College – CUNY, USA
Nancy Hightower – Writer, art critic, academic
Naomi Beecroft – Edinburgh University Students’ Association, United Kingdom
Naomi Ceder – Blogger and tech community organizer, speaker, and activist
Naomi Fontanos – Activist, Philippines
Naomi Podber – CUNY Graduate Center, USA
Natacha Kennedy – Goldsmiths College, University of London, United Kingdom
Natalia Sanchez-Bellhttp://mujerhisterica.tumblr.com/
Natalie Healey – Journalist
Natalie Tai – Activist and co-founder of Gender Collective, student group based at National University of Singapore, Singapore
Nathan Hevenstone – Blogger
Nat Raha – Poet and activist, United Kingdom
Nene Ormes – Writer, Sweden
Netta Chachamu – Cardiff University School of Social Sciences, United Kingdom
Neville Park – Wonk-blogger http://nevillepark.ca, Canada
Niall Harrison – Editor-in-Chief, Strange Horizons, United Kingdom
Nic Clarke – Newcastle University, book-blogger, United Kingdom
Nick Beard – University of Sussex, United Kingdom
Nicole J. LeBoeuf-Little – Blogger
Niedria Kenny – Author and women’s and civil rights activist, USA
Nightsky – Engineer, blogger, feminist
Nikolett Kardos – Blogger and activist, Hungary
Nina Power – University of Roehampton, United Kingdom
Nina Verfaillie – Student, artist, human rights activist
Nine – Writer and activist, United Kingdom
Nirupama Raghavan – Blogger
Nivair H. Gabriel – Writer
Noah Meeks – Trans activist and intern with 7hills Homeless Center
Nora Parrish – Activist

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Oliver Chalom – Dreamer, queer, Brazil
Olivia Lucca Fraser – Grad student at the University of Guelph and researcher with the Jan van Eyck Association, Canada
Olivia St. Clair – Blogger: Rad-Femme Lawyer, This Week in Blackness
Orrin A. Loria – Writer

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Paige Kimble – Feminist, acafan, blogger
Pamela Dean Dyer-Bennet – Novelist
Pamela V Jones – Boneweaver; Priestess of the Reclaiming/Feri tradition; blogger; cis-gendered believer in equality for *all*
Pat Cadigan – Writer, United Kingdom
Pat Macleod – SOAS, University of London, United Kingdom
Patricia Hohl – Attorney and Advocate
Patrick Nielsen Hayden – Editor, USA
Paula Allen – Vice President European Operations. European Region, T3P Trans Purple Panthers Party
Paula D. Ashe – Writer, educator, scholar, activist, USA
Paula Guran – Editor and critic
Paulita Pappel – Feminist performer, Germany
Dr. Paul Woodland – Artist & Teacher
Pedro Carvalho – Science and social justice blogger
Penina Weinberg – Queer Jewish activist and Hebrew Bible teacher
Petra Davis – Writer and activist, United Kingdom
Philip Sellew – University of Minnesota, USA
Poppy Z. Brite – Novelist and artist, USA
Pum Kommattam – University of Amsterdam, activist, Netherlands

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Quinn Capes-Ivy – Trans feminist activist

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Rachael Acks – Writer
Rachael Briggs – Australian National University and Griffith University; poet, Australia
Rachel Edidin – Writer and editor
Rachel Hills – Journalist, blogger at Musings of an Inappropriate Woman
Rachel Hubbard – Equality promoter, Committee Member, Secretary, Administrator, Equality Cumbria, United Kingdom
Rachel K. Zall – Author, performing artist
Dr. Rachel McKinnon – Professor of Philosophy, Canada
Rachel Pollack – Writer, Goddard College, USA
Raelene Foisy – Feminist medical student, Canada
Ray Filar – Journalist and activist
Rebecca Baker – Disability, women’s, and trans* rights activist
Rebecca Barton – Executive officer for LGBT at Ruskin Student Union, Ruskin College, Oxford, United Kingdom
Rebecca Cohen – Cartoonist, artist, illustrator
Rebecca deSantis – Customer service with a very strong interest in trans*-inclusive feminism
Rebecca Eisenberg – Deputy Editor and curator, Upworthy.com
Rebecca Forbes – Human, mother, geologist, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Rebecca Hammond – Blogger
Rebecca Kling – Artist, educator, activist, USA
Rebecca Levi – PhD student, University of Virginia; contributing scholar at State of Formation, USA
Rebecca Watson – Blogger skepchick.org, USA
Rebecca Winlo – Student
Rebekah Sheldon – Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis, USA
Regina Dentatahttp://reginadentata.tumblr.com/
Renee Perry – Feminist
Reni Eddo-Lodge – Writer and activist, United Kingdom
Resa-Philip Lunau – Student and activist, Berlin, Germany
Reubs Walsh – Blogger
Rianna Parker – Student, London, United Kingdom
Ricky Leach – Artist, London, United Kingdom
Robert Dobbs – Artist, Blacksmith, and dad
Robin Hill – Blogger
Robin Reid – Professor of English, USA
Robin Sacks – Activist
Robyn A. Bianconi – Media archivist
Rochita Loenen-Ruiz – Writer and columnist, Netherlands
Roderick Ferguson – University of Minnesota, USA
Rory MacKinnon – Reporter, Morning Star and Member of the National Union of Journalists, United Kingdom
Rosalind Petchesky – Hunter College and the Graduate Center, CUNY, and Sexuality Policy Watch, USA
Rose Fox – Editor and activist, USA
Rose Lovell – Blogger and pre-medical student, San Jose State University; http://www.openmindedhealth.com, USA
Ro Smith – Philosopher, writer, blogger, teacher, and feminist
Roxanne Samer – University of Southern California, USA
Roz Kaveney – Author and critic, United Kingdom
Ruth McClelland-Nugent – Georgia Regents University Augusta, USA
Ruth Pearce – University of Warwick, United Kingdom

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Saara Särmä – University of Tampere, Finland
Sabina C. Becker – Writer, blogger and translator
Sady Doyle – Writer and blogger, USA
Sally Dellow – Scientist and activist, New Zealand
Dr. Sally Hines – University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Sally Outen – Performer and activist, United Kingdom
Sally Russell – Musician, teacher and blogger
Samantha A. Perrin – Blogger
Samantha Allen – Doctoral fellow, Emory University; writer and blogger, USA
Samantha Orr – Feminist and blogger
Samara Weiss – Playwright
Sam Feeney – Activist, counsellor, trainer, United Kingdom
Sanaz Raji – Independent scholar
Sandra Hall, LCSW – Mental Health Director, Lyon-Martin Health Services, San Francisco, USA
Sandra Odell – Writer
Sandy Hope – Blogger, http://feministchallengingtransphobia.wordpress.com/
Sara Ahmed – Goldsmiths College, United Kingdom
Sara Alcid – Feminist writer and reproductive health & justice advocate
Sarah Brophy – McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Sarah Brown – LGBT+ Liberal Democrats, United Kingdom
Sarah Carroll – Cis lesbian feminist psychologist, Oakland CA, USA
Sarah Crewe – Poet
Sarah Ennals – Blogger; http://moon-custafer.livejournal.com/
Sarah Gibson – Cambridge uni SU LGBT+ trans* rep, activist, blogger, United Kingdom
Sarah Hoem Iversen – Bergen University College, Norway
Sarah Jaffe – Columnist, USA
Sarah Malone – Spokesperson for the Abortion Rights Campaign, Dublin, Ireland
Sarah McEvoy – Writer
Sarah Moon – Writer
Sarah Noble – Leeds University Union Feminist Society co-ordinator, blogger, transfeminist activist, United Kingdom
Sarah Pine – Vice President (Women) Oxford University Student Union, United Kingdom
Sarah Pleydell – University of Maryland, College Park, USA
Sarah Rees Brennan – Novelist, Ireland
Sarah Schulman – In principle . College of Staten Island – CUNY, USA
Sarah Wilson – Primary school teacher
Sara Ritchey – University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA
Sasha Garwood – University College, London, United Kingdom
Savannah Dooley – Writer
Scarlett Harris – Writer and blogger
Sea Lowder – Writer and painter
Sea Lowder – Writer and painter
Seta – Blogger
Shana Aisenberg – Musician, writer, activist
Shanna Compton – Poet, Bloof Books
Sharon Theberge – Blogger
Shauna Gordon-McKeon – Writer and organizer
Shauna Roberts – Writer, USA
Shawna Walls – Author and blogger
Dr. Sheila Addison – Family therapist, scholar, teacher
Sheila Sampath – Editorial Director, Shameless Magazine; Creative Director, The Public; Faculty, OCAD University
Shelby Knox – Feminist organizer
Sherlina Nageer – Co-founder of GYSistafriends- a trans-inclusive LBT Support Network, Guyana
Sherwood Smith – Author, USA
Shveta Thakrar – Speculative fiction author and independent activist
Singing Bird Artist – Eco and fibre artist, blogger, permaculture activist
Siobhan Thomas – Blogger
Sofia Samatar – California State University, Channel Islands, USA
Soha El-Sabaawi – Games writer and blogger
Sonia Onufer Correa – Feminist research associate at ABIA, co-chair of Sexuality Policy Watch
Sophia McDougall – Novelist, United Kingdom
Soraya Chemaly – Writer and activist
Stacey D. Langley – Writer and activist
Stacie Hanes – Adjunct, Kent State University, Youngstown, Ohio, USA
Stacie L. Hanes – Kent State University, USA
Stefanie C. Boulila – University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Stentor Danielson – Slippery Rock University, USA
Stephanie Lord – Writer, policy analyst, and feminist activist
Stephanie Phillips – Journalist and blogger
Stephanie Pippin – Writer and teacher
Stina Leicht – Writer
Sue Kerr MSW – Editor/blogger at Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents
Sue Kerr MSW – Blogger, advocate
Surya Monro – University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom
Suzan Cooke – Writer and photographer, USA
Suzy Halberstadt – Activist
Syd LeRoy – Feminist and Queer Activist; Executive Director, Center for Inquiry – New York City, USA

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T.F. Charlton – Writer and blogger
T.L. Cowan – Eugene Lang College & School of Media Studies, The New School/artist, Canada
Talia Bettcher – California State University, Los Angeles, USA
Tamara Berg – Winona State University, Winona, MN, USA
Tamara L. DeGray – Activist
Tamara Winfrey Harris – Writer, feminist, Co-founder, Squeezed Between Feminisms
Tamora Pierce – Writer, USA
Tamsin Bertaud-Gandar – Blogger, New Zealand
Dr. Tansy Rayner Roberts – Novelist & podcaster
Tanya Tynjälä – Writer
Tara B – Black femme queer fat feminist, cisgendered
Tara Coffin – Charity worker and activist, United Kingdom
Te Jefferson – Writer
Terrilynn Cantlon – Transfeminist, activist, educator, and writer
Terri Stewart – Pastor, blogger, activist, womanist, mom of trans son
Tess Juan-Gaillot – Editor-in-chief of Yiara Magazine, a feminist art and art history student magazine, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
Theresa Derwin – Writer and blogger
Thiago Gomes – Artist and illustrator, Brazil
Thia Jones – Writer and activist
Thijs Witty – University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tiffany A. Christian – Writer, vocalist, filmmaker, educator
Tiffany Arnold – Activist, feminist, student
Tilly Grove – Blogger and activist
Tina Žigon – Educator, scholar, activist
Tracey Yeadon-Lee – Academic, university of Huddersfield, United Kingdom
Tricia Sullivan – Novelist, United Kingdom
Tristan Taormino – Sex Out Loud Radio, New York, USA
Tristen J. Black – Writer
Trudy Hamilton – Writer and social critic
Tsipi Erann – Blogger, Israel

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Dr. Ulrica Engdahl – University of Linkoping, Sweden
Ursula Pflug – Novelist, short story writer, playwright and book reviewer and creative writing instructor, Canada

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Ve Máximo – Writer and transfeminist activist, Brazil
Veronica Berglyd Olsen – PhD Candidate University of Oslo, blogger, feminist, humanist, Norway
Veronica I. Arreola – Feminist writer and blogger, Chicago, USA
Veronica Lugo-Cortes – Feminist, blogger
Veronica Pejril – DePauw University, Greencastle, IN, USA
Veronica Schanoes – Queens College – CUNY, USA
Vicki Rosenzweig – Writer, Bellevue, WA, USA
Victoria Welle – Writer and activist
Miss Violet DeVille – Burlesque performer and producer, Purple Devil Productions
Viviane V. – Federal University of Bahia, Brazil
Viv Smythe aka tigtog – Writer and blogger, Sydney, Australia
Vladimir Barash – Social media scholar
Vron McIntyre – Feminist, occasional writer
Vyviane Armstrong – Priestess and Community Matron. Sisterhood of Avalon

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Wendy Chapkis – University of Southern Maine, USA
Wendy Lyon – Blogger
Wendy Lyon – Feminist Ire blog
Wibke Straube – Researcher; Gender Studies, Linköping University, Sweden
Will Brooker – Kingston University, United Kingdom
Willemijn da Campo – LGBT activist, autonomous artist, part of transcreen, transgender film festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Yana Sitnikova – Transfeminist, Moscow, Russia
Yana Ziferblat – Director, Home-International Center for Rehabilitation and Training of Activists, Budapest, Hungary
Yatzel Sabat – Reproductive Justice Organizer/Activist
Yolanda M. Carrington – Blogger, Lavender Kitchen Sink Collective
Yvonne Aburrow – Writer and blogger

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Zachary Loeb – Blogger and librarian
Zahira Kelly – Artist and writer, USA
Zamira Castro Jiminez Feminist thinker, sociologist, mental health clinician in training, http://www.themakingofzami.blogspot.com, USA.
Zenita Nicholson – Secretary on the Board of Trustees, Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination, Guyana
Zoe Stavri – Writer and activist, United Kingdom
Zoë Marriott – Writer, blogger and ally

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Updated on November 4, 2013

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