Norwegian translation has been added!

A Norwegian translation of the statement has been provided for us by Janneke van der Ros. Thank you for this! The translation has been published here.

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Hungarian-language version now available! (With news of other translations forthcoming)

And the new translations keep coming:  we are very pleased to announce the Hungarian-language version of the Statement of Trans-Inclusive Feminism and Womanism.  Thank you so very much to the translator, Eszter Harsányi, and, in general, to Professor Sally Hines and the PhD student community of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies at the University of Leeds, for their volunteer translation efforts.  We are told that German, Romanian, Spanish, and Turkish translations are underway, and have learned that an Italian translation is being worked on as well, independently.

We are so grateful to all of you who have undertaken translations of the Statement.  Trans* people are everywhere (and always have been, contrary to what some remarkably ignorant people like to assert), and, unfortunately, expressions of transphobia from (some) self-identified feminists have not by any means been limited to feminists in English-speaking countries.   So it is, we think, important to spread our message of trans-inclusiveness as widely as possible.  Wherever trans* people happen to be, they should know that they are not alone — however much it may sometimes have seemed that they are — and that there are more cis feminists than ever before who stand ready to speak up to support them.

The translation is from this site. You can read the full translation here on our site.

Serbo-Croatian translation is now up!

On the heels of the French, Portuguese, and Russian-language versions of the Statement of Trans-Inclusive Feminism and Womanism, we are very pleased to announce that there is now a Serbo-Croatian translation (in the Roman alphabet), thanks to Milica Jeremić of our signatory Gayten-LGBT, at

Here is the source for translated Statement; a translation of the introduction is at the link as well. The translation is also available here on our site.

Russian translation now available, plus news of petition to Russian feminist community

Thanks to our signatory Yana Sitnikova, there is now a Russian-language version of the Statement, from here.

And now there’s a Portuguese-language version!

Following quickly in the footsteps of the wonderful French-language translation of the Statement of Trans-inclusive Feminism and Womanism, there is now a translation into Portuguese, thanks to our signatory Hailey K. Alves — who happens to be the very first person listed, alphabetically at the end of the Statement! —  and her colleagues at in Brazil, an organization that is also a signatory.

You can find the original translation here. It is available on our site here.

And, again, thanks so much to Hailey K. Alves and Leda Ferreira and to Transfeminismo.

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French-language version of Statement of Trans-Inclusive Feminism and Womanism

We are extremely pleased to present a French-language version of our Statement (together with a link to the original version).  Our thanks and our great appreciation go to Koala, Holly and Lén, who worked together to produce the translation in an amazingly brief period of time.

We hope that anyone who lives in France or any other French-speaking country or community, or knows anyone who does, is able to make use of this translation to convey our message as widely as possible to activists, to feminists who are  trans*, cis, or genderqueer, and to others who may appreciate it and/or make use of it.

The source is here, and the translation is available on our site here.

Your moderators

Request for Translation Help

We have received an inquiry from an activist in France, asking if a French translation of the Statement is or will be available, so that the Statement can more easily be distributed there, and can have a greater impact.

We think it would be wonderful if that could be made to happen, and are asking for a volunteer.  If there is anyone among you who is fluent in both French and English and is willing to undertake such a translation, we will be extremely grateful.  If more than one person wants to get involved, perhaps you can share the task.  If you’re interested, please send us an email at to let us know.

Thank you!