Your (almost) daily dose of signatories (Update # 5)

Please welcome our newest signatories: Individuals here, and organizations here.

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  1. tiffany arnold

     /  September 23, 2013

    Tiffany Arnold, activist, feminist, student.
    My name is missing.

  2. Cathryn Brown, Christian feminist, pharmacist and academic

  3. Jessica

     /  September 23, 2013

    Please add me when you have a chance!! Thank you!
    Jessica Rodden (cosplayer/prop maker)

  4. You will all be included in our next update! Thank you for your support.

  5. Jami Shofner (writer, geek, comedian, feminist)

  6. Maria Dahvana Headley, novelist, memoirist & feminist (that particular -ist is the one that informs the rest.)

  7. Aura hazel and the Harlequin Guard, please add us.

  8. Jaime M. Blackbird (Trans man, photographer, blogger)

  1. A Statement of Trans-Inclusive Feminism and Womanism | feministsfightingtransphobia

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