We had no idea…

We had no idea that we’d find such a huge outpouring of support, and we’re delighted!  We’ve received almost 200 messages since going public yesterday–not even 24 hours ago at this point!

And we’re a bit overwhelmed.  Don’t get us wrong–we’re thrilled to be so overwhelmed!  But we just wanted to make a post letting everybody know that there are only three moderators to this blog right now, and we’re a bit concerned that we’ll fall too far behind to catch up.

So, we just wanted to say that the comments are also a space where you can sign on (we do have to approve comments, but that’s much less time-consuming).  Particularly if you want to sign on in a personal, rather than professional capacity, and show your support, show that feminists and womanists accept and support trans* people, it’s probably easier and quicker to do that via the comments than it is to contact us and wait (when we set up that procedure, we honestly had no idea that the messages would come so fast and furious!).  So we encourage you to do that as well.  If you do want to sign in a professional capacity, as an activist/academic/artist/writer/blogger/whathaveyou, please be patient!  Child-care and paying the bills keeps us from responding as quickly as we’d like.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Thankyou

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